Yorkshire Girls in New York City

A GIRLS WEEKEND IN NYC Since September, some of my very best friends from home have been travelling all over the world, and their last stop was New York City. As I moved to New York in August, I hadn't seen them in 6 months, so of course I just had to get the bus to the city for the weekend and see them! This was my 5th time in the city, and although I'm definitely no expert, I put my tour guide skills to the test and spent 2 days showing them some of my favourite parts of the city - proud to say we didn't get lost (I don' think) at all! The girls had an extra 4 days after I left them, and so we did all the really small - but must-sees - whilst I was with them, and then they did the super duper stuff - such as Top of the Rock, 9/11, Statue of Liberty - later in the week.

Back in Bing

This is my seventh week back in New York now, and lets just say its absolutely flown by. I don't know where the past seven weeks have gone - January did seem like it lasted forever, but February has absolutely flown by. 

Postcards from the Dominican Republic

Finally, I have got around to writing a blog post, although this one is going to be very short and sweet. I have been back in New York for over a month now, and have been so busy - hopefully I'll have a blogpost up soon with everything I've been up to and why I haven't blogged yet this semester. Before coming back to New York, I flew to the Dominican Republic for a family holiday. This was the first time my parents had more than 2 days off in a row in the whole year, and our first family holiday in a long time - and it was just perfect. So here's some of my favourite photos!

To Study Abroad or To Not Study Abroad? | The Study Abroad Series #1

Now that I have finished my first semester, and have lived in a country which is not my home country for 4 1/2 months, I feel that I can give a good opinion on whether to study abroad or not. I know that for any Lancaster University students, it will be decision time very soon, so if you're still not sure, hopefully I can help! So I'm going to do it in a pros and cons format, and then give my honest opinion at the end! 

Round-up of Semester 1

 (This post was written Thursday 14th Dec!) Yesterday I handed in my final paper for one of my classes, which means I have finished my first semester of studying abroad! I thought I'd do an overview of my first semester; my classes, some of the places I've visited etc.

My first American Thanksgiving

Although Thanksgiving was almost a month ago now, I have been so busy since with finals and papers and so never got round to posting about my break; so I'm going to do it now because it was so wonderful and I want to have it documented on here! (Note: I'm only just getting around to posting this and I wrote this post 2 weeks ago, so thanksgiving was well over a month ago now!!!)

One Day in D.C.

On the Saturday evening of Fall Break we got the bus from NYC to Washington DC! It was roughly a 4 hour journey and we arrived at about 10pm and headed straight to the Hostel we were staying in. The next morning we ate endless pancakes and then left at 8.30am to make the most of our one day in D.C.