What a Week

I wasn't going to write a blog post this week - it's 12.37am Saturday evening and this will go up tomorrow at 11am - but I really felt the urge to write a brief update about this week rather than a topic-based blog post. 

Tour of my American Campus

AMERICAN CAMPUS TOUR  This week I'm showing you some pictures from around my campus, to give you some idea of what an American University is like! The grounds are very well kept, and when we first arrived (when it was summer) it was absolutely beautiful, so a lot of the photos I've used are from back in August! Of course, its beautiful when it snowed too, so I had to put some snowy pictures in!

Spring Break in New York State

ALBANY, NEW YORK For the rest of Spring Break I was lucky enough to stay with two of my American friends; one who lived near Albany, and I went back to my friends house who I stayed with for thanksgiving near Poughkeepsie. I was so thankful to them and their families,  I had a wonderful easter break and I was lucky enough to see a lot more of New York State itself!

Spring Break in Montréal

Last week was Spring Break, and I went to Montréal!!!! Montréal was another place I had always thought of visiting when I found out I was studying in New York. It was actually one of the places I selected as an option to study abroad, and the whole French region thing really interested me - although it was soooo much more French than I had expected!!! My friend drove us both to Montréal, where we stayed for 2 nights; which was definitely enough time to see the city!!

US vs UK University - Academic Life | The Study Abroad Series #2

A few weeks ago I did a poll on my Instagram Stories asking what people would prefer to read about studying abroad next, and a post comparing the UK and US's university/education system came out top. I could honestly talk about this topic for days and the differences were a real challenge to begin with. I probably couldn't even tell you which I prefer because there are definitely advantages and disadvantages to both.

Boston and New York - 1 Year On

Today marks one year since my first time in New York City. It had been my dream for a long, long time to go to NYC, and when my university advertised a politics trip there I jumped at the chance and saved up all my pennies to go. One year on, I've been to the city 5 times (how is this possible?!) live close by and know my way around it pretty well. So to celebrate how amazing this last year has been I thought I'd share some of the photos from my trip last year - and because I never did my blog back then it will be nice to have them documented somewhere!!!

Niagara Falls

Our trip to Canada involved one day visiting Niagara Falls! When I found out I was coming to New York for my study abroad year, I realised it was only a 4-5 hour drive from Niagara Falls, and so I told myself I really had to go. We tried and planned a trip to go last semester, but for one reason or another it never happened- and I'm actually quite glad it didn't because we were planning to go to the American side, and I'm so glad we went to the Canadian!! We planned this trip when we got back in January and it gave me something to look forward to, and it was an amazing day. Now, I was 100% convinced Niagara Falls was one of the 7 Wonders of the World, and after an intensive google, I've had to accept it isn't - I got very excited when I thought I had finally been to one of the seven. However, I think it definitely should be on that list (have you seen it by the way? It's actually a very random list in my opinion) and so I'm going to pu…